Rapper Big Boi brings electro sounds to the new album

big-boiFor his anticipated launch of the second album, rapper Big Boi is using new styles and sounds trying to bring the spotlight on his solo performance beyond OutKast's devoted following.

Big Boi is named as Antwan Andre Patton, who became very famous for hip hop duo OutKast with Andre 3000. The group scored hits for Ms. Jackson in 2001 and Hey Ya in 2003 before going on complete hiatus since 2007.

Contrary to Andre 3000 who remained relatively passive featuring occasionally on other artistís project, Big Boi has remained quite active and releasing his Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors after his first solo album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty in 2010. 37 years Georgian Big Boi termed his album as one-half OutKast, paying homage to his late grandmother as he told to Reuters that it was she who suggested the title for her life story.

After his release of 2010 music album, Big Boi spend 18 months on tour attending a number of musical festivals and experimenting with eclectic rosters. Guess what is the outcome?

The album sounds more electronic as accepted by Big Boi. Explaining his experience of concerts around the world, he narrated that the crowd may not be the typical hip hop lovers, but you into people and click naturally.

Some of the artists whom he met during his tour were invited in his studio in Atlanta. This meeting resulted in collaboration between the rapper and New York-based electro-pop duo Phantogram and Swedish band Little Dragon. They featured on some of the rapperís favorite tracks titled Descending.

Explaining his moments with Little Dragon vocalist Yukimi Nagano, Big Boi termed Descending as raw emotion in memory of his father and recording the song was truly like morning his father to him.

Big Boi pledges that irrespective of changing trends and influences, his sound will always remain funky.