He was born a few minutes after a full solar eclipse, on the dark side of the planet, as it slipped from the grasp of the shadow of the Moon. Raised behind Pete Pistol’s Wrecking Yard at the end of a dead end street, just north of Austin, Calvin Russell never left this place in his mind or his music. For the rest of us, he left it far behind. With a backdrop of roots Americana music rippling through the country, Calvin Russell re-emerges into the genre main stream, immediately recognizable as the real thing. He paid his dues in prison and in Paris, and now he has returned to his Texas Roots; by way of his two latest CDs, 'Rebel Radio' and 'In Spite Of It All'.

Calvin Russell’s been on this bus a long time. He came up with Townes Van Zandt, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Blaze Foley, Lucinda Williams, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jubal Clarke, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle, et. al. He went down on his own. A Prisoner Of War on drugs, Calvin endured the dark times by focusing on music and mastering his muse. And then this crusty country boy got discovered. By France – of all places.

Ten years and twelve CDs later, leaving behind legions of European fans (as in fanatics), Calvin Russell has come home. Playing many of Austin’s legendary music clubs, Calvin has been discovered again, and this time by Texans, by God. He's back in Texas, where he belongs and he's bringing his message back to the USA.

The Calvin Russell heard on 'Rebel Radio' is a who’s who of Lone Star luminaries: Lloyd Maines on dobro, Freddy Steady Krc on drums, “flatlander” Kimmie Rhoades adding vocals, new-legend Gabe Rhoades making waves on guitar, Jon Blondell, monster bass (and trombone) man, ubiquitous Riley Osbourne on keys, the innovative Richard Bowden on violin, and, of course, T. Stephen Bruton, singer-writer-guitartist extraordinaire, late of Bonnie Raitt’s band. 'Rebel Radio' was recorded on Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Records.

For Calvin Russell the future is now. He is an American original; a genuine roots treasure with a microphone and a guitar as well as he can with a superstar band. He is without a doubt, the real thing. With his latest release, 'In Spite Of It All', Calvin Russell has ascended to the heartland heights.

With the release of 'In Spite Of It All' the story goes on....and we push open a door into the deep west where mirages become concrete as soon as you open you eyes & ears ...Believe in the magic.

"This is your world, come and take it
This is your world, it's what you make it
So make it your own"

--- Calvin Russell "This Is Your World" on the CD 'Soldier'
1993-2002 Calvin Russell. Worldwide Rights Reserved

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Calvin with David Waddell.

Calvin and Gary Craft.