We're proud to have the USA Release of 'In Spite Of It All' for sale exclusively here on Calvin Russell's Official Website!. There is also a bonus of 3 live tracks from The Saxon Pub in Austin, Texas! This is the first time that Calvin's live shows from Austin have ever been released!! The live tracks are from 12/28/04 and mark the reunion of the original Calvin Russell Band, together again after 10 years:
Calvin Russell: Guitar & vocals
Gary Craft: lead guitar
Kim Dechamps: lap steel guitar
David Waddell: bass & vocals
Leland Waddell: drums

Calvin Russell has a penchant not only for melancholy blues tunes, but also for rock music, particularly of the sort that the Rolling Stones specialised in during the early Seventies. Every rock music buff’s heart beats faster when Calvin Russell goes into ‘Voodoo River’ or ‘Just Like L.A.’ with their clattering drums, raw riffs and mercilessly roaring rock guitars. These two songs in particular express his fascination for the Wild West the way he encountered it during his repeated travels through the desert between Texas and California. Russell’s modesty when he documents his own humble needs in ‘All I Need’ also stems from these experiences. “I’m a lazy dog,” he says, explaining his attitude of taking life in his stride.

'In Spite Of It All' shows Calvin Russell as one of America’s authentic songwriters who carries his heart on his tongue and reveals every corner of his big soul to his fans. Marked by life in the exciting Sixties and colourful Seventies, his unconditional pragmatism is omnipresent. “I just wanna live till I die,” he sings (‘Live Till I Die’), looks back on his eventful life (‘In Spite Of It All’) and closes the album with ‘Cans’, a heart-rending, melancholy slow blues number: “Homeless, helpless, hopeless, I guess IŽd be penniless unless I found beer cans, coke cans, all kinds”, he laments, summing up the part of his earthly existence that he spent in poverty and inner conflict. Order the CD now!!!

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PLAY 'Oval Room' FROM THE CD 'In Spite Of It All'
Here's Calvin's version of Blaze Foley's 'Oval Room', from the new CD, 'In Spite Of It All' in RealAudio stream. 'He's the President, but I don't care...'

Tracklist for the' In Spite of it All' USA Release:
In the Studio:
1. Oval Room
2. My Moneys On You
3. But I Got You
4. Live Till I Die
5. Over And Over
6. Just Like L.A.
7. In Spite Of It All
8. Too Much Room
9. Cans
10. Voodoo River
Live from the Saxon Pub 12/28/04:
12. Wild, Wild West
13. Freight Train

The Studio Band:
Calvin Russell: lead vocals, rhythm guitars
Gabe Rhodes: lead guitar
Rick Brannon: guitars
Greg Hampton: bass guitar
Chris Collier: drums
Joe Frenchwood: drums
Pat Regan: piano
Steffen Presley: B3 Organ

The Live Band:
Calvin Russell: guitar & vocals
Gary Craft: lead guitar
Kim Dechamps: lap steel guitar
David Waddell: bass & vocals
Leland Waddell: drums