Mix Rock Kick Drum and Bass Guitar

Before mixing you need to check that the drums are correctly recorded. The space and atmosphere sound of the recorded drum parts is a function of the room acoustic properties.

If the drums are recorded in a small room with cement surfaces is ideal for getting sound of te drums which is typical for rock music.

Start mixing by soloing the kick drum. Now listen to inborn characteristics of the instrument. The real artistic balance here is determining how to retain as much character from the instrument. Begin by rolling off the low sub frequencies from the kick. Rolling off 40Hz can reduce the level of sub frequency that can lead buildup later.

After that you need reduce the level of frequencies between 250 to 300 Hz. This will remove much of the mud and will reveal more of the drums gravity.

With the compressor you can maintain enough transient response and punch, while taming the amount of resonance among the notes. Clearly, much of this is dependent upon the tempo of the song. The faster the song, the tighter you'll want the bass to be. If the beats bleed too much into each succeeding one, you can risk excessive bass bu

So, we want to get the bass guitar, like in rock music, working with the kick. In the same manner as the kick, solo the bass guitar. You need to roll off the sub frequencies at the same spot. It is much easier to control with a multed track exclusive to the sub-bass frequencies.

With the bass guitar you will more than likely treat it in a parallel fashion as the kick drum. Albeit one thing to keep in mind is, when pairing these two together, it is central to ensure that they each can function in unison, as well as have collate qualities.

Start by assigning the kick drum to carry the bass guitar to make a musical tone. One way of achieve this is to send your kick drum prefader to a separate mono buss. This will give the compressor to react to the kick drum. It will also tense the relationship between the kick and bass guitar, allow it to breath in a natural, more musical fashion.