Emotional relationship with music

Emotional relationship with musicThere has always been a scientific connection between music and emotion and many experiments and research work has gone into finding the effect of music over your emotional state of mind. The theoretical concepts will help you find the impact of one over the other. Music is a piece of waves that is sometimes coupled along with lyrics but most often come as instrumentals. In such case, the credibility of the claim that music soothes one’s brain and mind comes into effect. Many concerns have been raised on how this piece of music can psychologically change the nature of a person.

Also, there are questions on what mechanism takes place on a person when he listens to the music songs. One common argument or philosophy being followed for a long time is the Davies position which claims that music is not expressive; rather it expresses the feel of the person who is listening music. If the person if sad and wimping, he will listen to songs that tend to be sadder. The same happens with people listening to some happier numbers. Normally, the music is said to be dynamic in nature since it changes according to the feel of the person listening to or composing the same. Hence when you listen to music that is similar to one of the sadder ones that you have listened earlier, you tend to believe that the music you are listening now is also sad. But the same can be happier for some other person. It is similar to judging a person’s character and mindset.

When you see a person sitting quiet with tears in eyes and improper gestures, you feel that the person is sad. But the reality may be that the person was crying out of happiness. Hence it is impossible to be correct all the times of judging one’s state of mind based on external look. The same holds true with music. The music patterns such as bass textures, timbre etc help in finding the sadness of the tone. The classification of music as either sad or happy is based on individual feel. The above concepts are termed as appearance emotionalism and is considered as one of the best explanation one can give over the relation of music and emotional state.